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YRL believes that libraries do have power: to be champions of information and learning, to foster creativity and innovation, and to be centres of a community that are available and welcoming to everyone.


We started the Power of Libraries in 2010, bringing together a modest 105 attendees, primarily from YRL member libraries (who all had to fill out paper forms and mail cheques). Now, The Power of Libraries conference brings together school and public library staff, trustees, library school students, and related businesses and organizations from all over Albertasome even join us from neighbouring provinces. We have doubled the attendees and doubled the space!


It is a safe and positive environment to share knowledge, talents and experiences, and to network with like-minded people with a passion for libraries and service. But don't just take it from us: more than 60% of The Power of Libraries attendees have come back multiple timesand they provide us with great feedback like:

"The YRL conference is always fabulous and useful, I am so grateful for the efforts that you do to put it on. The fact that you do the work to find presenters and keep me informed about new practices is priceless. The refreshments are great, the company is great, the vendors are great, and the sessions are great. I have zero complaints and nothing but praise. Thank you for this yearly gift!"

"It was a good conference, organization was very efficient, sessions were varied and generally well presented. YRL staff, as always, very welcoming. I enjoyed the conference and will be back next year."

"Overall, it was a good experience that helped me understand more about what libraries do and how libraries can achieve success!"

"I liked the networking and enthusiasm of the conference. I enjoyed the venue in which it was held. I felt important and ready to learn and came home doing my job even better with more confidence. Thank you."

"Being surrounded by so many like-minded people - it gave me hope for the future of learning and libraries."


Each year we strive to make it the best yet!

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